Sweet Affogato

Coffee Syrup over ice cream

Drizzle Coffee Syrup over your favorite ice cream for a deliciously sweet twist on this classic Italian dessert. 

Coffee Milk

Coffee Milk

Coffee Milk - it's like chocolate milk, but with delicious, sweet coffee flavor! Did you know that  Coffee Milk is the official drink of Rhode Island?

5-Minute Mocha Fudge

This delicious fudge is so creamy and chocolatey, you won't believe how easy it is to make!

Instant Pot Buzzy Corned Beef

Corned Beef

This fast and easy corned beef gets drunk on Guinness and sobers up with Coffee Syrup to create the most tender, delicious corned beef you've ever had!

Mocha Shell Ice Cream Topping

Mocha Magic Shell

Just three ingredients - chocolate, coconut oil and Coffee Syrup - and you have a "magic" combination for a super chocolatey ice cream topping.

Coffee Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Roll Buns

Cinnamon rolls are already a delicious treat, but add some Coffee Syrup to the filling and frosting and you get sweet perfection!

Sweet Irish Coffee

Coffee Syrup Sweet Irish Coffee

Whip up this traditional cocktail with a smooth sweetness provided by Sweet & Cute Coffee Syrup.

Ricotta Raspberry Coffee Toast

Coffee Syrup ricotta raspberry toast

Toast is hot, literally and figuratively, there are so many combinations and options, and a drizzle of Coffee Syrup will make them all taste better!

Coffee Butter

Stir up some Coffee Butter for a delicious way to add sweetness and flavor to toast, bagels, pancakes, cinnamon rolls and more!

Carameloffee Corn

Coffee Caramel Corn

Carameloffee Corn is a delicous caramel popcorn made with Coffee Syrup, so it has an extra delicious zing.

Sweet & Spicy Coffee-Q Sauce

Coffee BBQ Sauce

This sauce comes together easily and may be the best BBQ sauce you've ever tasted!

Grandma Rosie's Chocolate Balls

Italian Chocolate Cookies

Combine a little Italian Grandmother's recipe with some Coffee Syrup and you have chocolate heaven!

Mocha Banana Smoothie

Mocha Banana Smoothie

A simple but delicious smoothie, packed with protein, flavor and a hint of sweetness.