Our Coffee Syrup is made with just real Coffee + organic sugar. all natural, versatile, delicious.

Featured recipe: Cafè Sangria

Making the world a little sweeter, Naturally


Sweet & Cute Sweets is a small specialty food biz based in upstate NY.

Our Coffee Syrup is a sweet syrup made with cold brew coffee (from fresh, locally roasted beans) and organic cane sugar.  No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

At Sweet & Cute, we not only believe in using top quality natural ingredients, we believe it is our responsibility to do what we can to protect the environment (we only use paper cups and wooden spoons when sampling) and to support other local businesses and communities.

In addition to our Coffee Syrup - available online and at local retailers - we can often be found at local events with even more delicious goodies, including Salted Coffee Caramels, Cafe Mocha Fudge, and more! As we grow, we will be bringing these products to our retailers and online store.


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Not to brag, but they love us!


"This stuff is amazing!  They posted a fudge recipe using this bottle of magic that may be my go-to Christmas treat to give out!"

- Kay Adams


"I was first introduced to Sweet & Cute by a friend when I visited Rochester for the NY Wine Festival! I instantly fell in love with the delicious taste of their Coffee Syrup!! Such rich flavor, and it goes so  well with coffee or ice cream!"

- Autumn Kunkle


"I’m totally addicted…. I love this stuff! I use it  in my coffee every morning. It makes the best Espresso Martinis too."

- Tammy Conge

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